Sean P. Wickens

Former Clients


Sean Wickens is an honorable, honest and trustworthy Attorney. I was referred to him by another attorney. He immediately understood what I needed and expected of him as my attorney, kept me informed of progress in the case. Mr Wickens' word is his bond, something you do not see much of anymore. Thanks Sean for a job well done!


A legal maneuver by the courts caused a conflict of interest and forced Mr. Wickens to excuse himself as my attorney. His zealous representation meant that he had become a material witness in my case. I had to hire another attorney. I wish I could have ridden out the case with Mr. Wickens. If you want a hard working, honest attorney that wont sell you out, this is the lawyer for you


Sean was a referral to me from another attorney. I was impressed with him right away, but asked around anyway. I found he is well known in the Tacoma area and I heard a lot of good things about his abilities and knowledge as an attorney from other lawyers. I did not get the impression that they were just saying this out of professional courtesy either. A very well know criminal defense lawyer related to me that Sean is one of the best in the area...I can say I agree. Sean is an experienced trial lawyer that has a thorough understanding of the law and has a very keen analytical want all that working for you. It made a big difference in my case. You need the right lawyer and I strongly endorse Sean as a former client. Its people like Sean that make a difference. He is a true professional and a man with integrity. Become a student of your case and follow his counsel. Its money well spent. Be patient. Be thorough. Pick Sean.

Jeffrey B. Goldman

Former Clients


In my opinion, Jeff was everything I needed in a lawyer to handle a DUI case. He is very knowledgeable and did everything he could to get me the lowest possible conviction. He was also very understanding and was able to meet according to my schedule. There was one court date in which he forgot some paperwork, but he agreed not to charge me for that time lost. His prices were reasonable and I recommend him to anyone seeking a DUI attorney.


Jeff came highly recommended. Having come from California and having a complicated case meant finding the right person for my 36 year old hearing impaired son with special comprehension issues. Jeff made several accomodations for us, such as meeting after hours and on weekends. He kept me focused and his patience with my son was unbelievable. He had two clients, myself and my son, each with separate issues. For me it was getting back my property from a squatter and for my son it was presenting the true facts in a civil no contact hearing the squatter had filed against him.


I was doing time in Work Release and asked Jeff to modify my sentence to Electronic Home Detention. I had contacted other attorneys before him and they told me it was not worth a shot because it was very improbable I would get it. Not only did he take my case but he did an excellent job. He was very interest in all the details my case. He answered all my questions and kept me informed throughout the process. He always returned my calls promptly. Thank you, Jeff! Serving the rest of my sentence at home is going to be a lot easier and more productive.


I was on probation for a DWI in King county, although I was eligible to drive at the time I was pulled over in Thurston county, I hadn't followed threw with getting my lic. back and I didn't have a IID which I was required for me in my vehicle. I could have gone to Jail for a minimum of 30 days and surely would have lost my job. Mr. Goldman got my charges reduced from "Driving with out a valid divers license and Operating a vehicle with out IID (Ignition Interlock Device) which is a direct violation of my probation, to Operating a vehicle with out Valid drivers lic. on person" a traffic infraction. Because of that, King county found no probation violation and there for no legal action was taken. Mr Goldman did an excellent job of maneuvering through the legalities of Thurston county to keep me out of jail in King county. He is very professional and also personable. I highly recommend Mr. Goldman and absolutely would hire him again. I am very grateful.

Sean P. Wickens

Fellow Attorneys in the Community

Michael Clark -

I endorse this lawyer. Sean is a hard nosed and well respected lawyer. He fights tirelessly for his clients to achieve the best results possible.

Kent Underwood -

Sean is personable and effective. I highly recommend him.Kenneth Blanford - I have known Sean for years. He is an excellent trial attorney, and knows how the systems works. He gets great results for his clients.

Michael Miller -

I endorse this lawyer.Harry Steinmetz - I've known Sean for years. Sean is smart as a whip and a tireless advocate. He is a great negotiator and a great trial lawyer. You can't got wrong with Sean.

Phillip Thornton -

I have know Sean for over 10 years. We have represented co-defendants in several cases. I often seek his advise on difficult issues. I know him to be a thorough and intelligent advocate for his clients. I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer.

Donald Winskill -

Mr. Wickens is a highly competent and experienced criminal defense attorney. He is well known in the community for being well prepared and zealous in his advocacy. I endorse this lawyer.

Timothy Healy -

I endorse this lawyer.

James Oliver -

Exceptional trial attorney.

Emphraim Benjamin -

I endorse this lawyer's work.

Jeffrey B. Goldman

Fellow Attorney's in the Community

Jason Moore

Jeff is passionate about the practice of law, trustworthy, intelligent and genuinely cares for his clients. I highly endorse his work.

Matthew McGowan

When the chips are down, Jeff Goldman is an excellent advocate. He'll never take no for an answer. I endorse this lawyer.

Zachary Wagnild

I found him to be friendly, knowledgeable, and always well-prepared for court. It was a pleasure working alongside him on the case.

Veronica Freitas

Jeffrey is a very bright attorney who works hard to uncover all of the issues on his cases. I have worked with Jeffrey and I recommend him.

Mariko Mulligan

I endorse this lawyer. Jeff is creative and professional.

Blair Russ

Jeff is sharp criminal defense lawyer who always demonstrates a strong commitment to his clients. I wholly recommend Jeff to anyone in need of guidance and legal representation.

Nicholas Juhl

He is intelligent, personable, and reliable.

Nathaniel Wylie

I first observed Jeff in action when he was a public defender in the King County District Court in Burien. He was then, and remains, an aggressive and well-prepared advocate for his clients. Through tireless effort he has developed a broad base of experience that makes him uniquely qualfied to represent individuals facing both misdemeanor and felony charges. I have sought his input on my own cases in the past, and will continue to do so. I endorse this lawyer's work.

Raymond Ejarque

I first got to know Jeff as a public defender in the Burien court system. I immediately recognized that he was well-poised in court, thoroughly researched and prepared. He gets great results for his clients. I have consulted with Jeff many times regarding complex legal issues in DUI and other areas, I have referred cases to him numerous times, and I have great confidence in him as a strong advocate for his clients. I endorse this lawyer's work.

Kenan Isitt

Jeff is excellent on his feet and is an exceptional and organized researcher. I would recommend him for anyone charged with a crime.

Christopher Carney

Jeff has a professional demeanor that is respected by judges and fellow attorneys. He is a tireless advocate and I endorse his work.

Kenneth Blanford

Jeffrey is very knowledgeable and is an asset to anyone accused of a criminal charge.

Aaron Kiviat

Jeff is a zealous advocate for his client's constitutional rights and will fight hard to assure the best outcome possible in their cases. I highly recommend Jeff's work.

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