Domestic Violence

A domestic abuse or domestic assault charge is incredibly serious and is frequently based only on the word of the accuser without any physical evidence to support the accuser's allegations.

A conviction for these types of offenses can result in:

  • Required counseling and treatment
  • Inability to possess a firearm
  • Limitations on seeing your children
  • Significant professional consequences

This occurs particularly if a no-contact (restraining) order is issued.

Prosecutors can build a case such that they position the victim as suffering from batterer's syndrome and paint the defendant in the worst possible light. Even if the situation is based on an accuser's desire to gain an edge in a child custody battle or was a self-defense scenario, a prosecutor may still try to frame the situation completely differently.

Because of the aggressiveness that the prosecution can and does mount in these cases, the advocacy of a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer cannot be underestimated.

Pierce County Restraining Order Attorney

Our approach to criminal defense charges consists of thorough, aggressive, and experienced investigation and advocacy, and our approach to domestic violence charges is no different. We are able to employ our more than 20 years of combined criminal law experience to thoroughly investigate all aspects of these charges to discover any and all factual and legal arguments that can be used to defend our clients, including whether the accuser's allegations are a result of divorce proceedings, child custody battles, property disputes, or any other improper motive.

It is this approach that has yielded success in hundreds of cases, and we are ready to apply it to your case, regardless of the circumstances.

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