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Workers and laborers form the backbone of our country and when they are injured at work the personal and economic consequences to them and their families can be devastating. Because we understand this, we are passionate about protecting workers' rights and ensuring that they receive all of the medical and financial benefits to which they are entitled.

All too often workers who get injured on the job fail to receive the medical and economic benefits to which they are entitled.

First, when they go to apply for workers' compensation benefits, they often find themselves up against an uncaring or selfish employer who attempts to discourage the injured worker from filing a workers' compensation claim because the employer doesn't want his or her workers' compensation insurance rates to go up. Then, after the claim is filed, the worker is forced to deal with a huge government entity working on its own timeline with little or no concern for the extreme hardship which the injury has caused to the injured worker and his or her family.

Throughout the workers' compensation process, insurance companies will try to avoid paying based on questionable grounds or will attempt to show that the injury was somehow not work related or that it was caused by circumstances outside of work.

At Wickens Law Group, we have seen all of this firsthand and have the skill and passion to fight to ensure that our workers' compensation clients receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled. If you have been injured and are considering applying for workers' compensation benefits or if you have already filed a claim and are being denied the respect and benefits that you deserve, we are here for you.

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Workers' compensation cases carry a high priority for us here at Wickens Law Group because we strongly believe in protecting the rights and quality of life of injured workers. We work tirelessly advocating on behalf of injured workers to assist our workers' compensation clients in maintaining a source of income, obtaining proper and complete medical treatment, and receiving fair compensation for permanent work-related injuries, all of which allow these clients to provide for themselves and their families while recovering from their work-related injuries.

Immigrant workers are particularly vulnerable when injured on the job because unscrupulous employers may try to use an immigrant's status as a means of preventing, delaying or denying a valid workers' compensation claim. It is important that immigrant workers understand that if they have paid into workers' compensation then they are entitled to workers' compensation benefits regardless of immigrant status.

It is important to protect your rights throughout the entire workers' compensation process, so we encourage you to seek out a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

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