Criminal Charges. Serious Injury. 

These are issues that can absolutely change individuals' and families' lives forever. The stakes in these cases are incredibly high and the variables can be intensely complicated and overwhelming. When decisions are of such critical importance, it is crucial to partner with a legal team that will stand up for you and protect your best interests with an approach backed by years of comprehensive knowledge and a proven track record of success, aggression and caring in protecting the rights and interests of clients, their families and loved ones.

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We at Wickens Law Group PS have more than 20 years of combined experience successfully representing clients facing issues in all of these areas. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible results in every case. As lawyers we have successfully appealed and reversed decisions in the Washington Court of Appeals, the Washington Supreme Court, and the federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for clients who have been wrongly injured by the negligent actions of others.

Aggressive. Competent. Fearless.

We understand what our clients are going through in all of these situations. We realize that our clients come to us for help because they are faced with an extremely complex legal system and often feel that they are being taken advantage of by an adversary who has greater experience and greater resources. Therefore, our clients are looking for a caring, compassionate, aggressive and skilled representative to effectively guide them through the complexities of the legal system and protect them from being taken advantage of by their opponents.

At Wickens Law Group we have many years of proven experience in successfully representing clients and we will not stop fighting until our clients have achieved the results that they need and deserve. We have repeatedly, demonstrably and successfully helped clients arrive at ideal outcomes in just these scenarios, and there is nothing for which we are unprepared. Regardless of your adversary, be it a huge insurance company or the state or federal government, we will work tirelessly in your best interest, aggressively defending your rights at every opportunity and doing everything we can to protect your interests and preserve your liberty and quality of life.

Our office is located in a historic building across from Wright Park in Tacoma, Washington, three blocks north of the Pierce County Courthouse. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we are available for evening and weekend meetings by appointment. Our office accepts credit cards as well as payment plans, so please do not feel that money will be an obstacle preventing you from obtaining the legal representation that you need and deserve.

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Free initial consultations are available on all non-immigration cases.

To discuss any aspect of personal injury, workers' compensation, or criminal defense issues with one of our Tacoma injury/immigration/criminal defense attorneys, call (253) 383-4200 or e-mail us.

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We bring more than 20 years of combined success, effective experience and commitment to your needs to help you and your loved ones achieve the best possible outcome with your immigration, personal injury, workers' compensation, or criminal defense matters.

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To discuss any aspect of personal injury, workers' compensation, criminal defense or immigration issues with one of our Tacoma injury/immigration/criminal defense attorneys, call 253-383-4200 or e-mail us.